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24th October 2015
Dear John,
Today is a bit of an action packed eZine, some news from my recent Japan trip, two invitations for you and a must read blog post...so why not grab a cuppa your favourite and sit back and read, any day is a good day to be inspired and grow and this energy we are in at the tail end of 2015 is all about stepping out of illusion and into magnificence. Can you give yourself the time to be and grow now...?
I have just begun to feel like I can do a whole day without sleeping at a drop of a hat...jet lag from Japan to UK was pretty intense. Mind you it was the other way too however I hit the ground running for my retreat...!
It was so brilliant to let go and go deep and learn, observe and awaken to more of the real me. I learnt so much and I am still integrating and processing.
One of the things that took me by surprise was when my mentor was talking about how I apologise before I speak. Not in terms of saying sorry first, but over explaining and justifying, because I am so hell bent on people pleasing...! As much of our retreat was recorded, my mentor suggested I listen again and to be honest I know exactly what she was talking about. 
It really is amazing how deep our expression of fear can run and sometimes how subtly it can show up. It isn't like I haven't peeled layers on this over the years, it is just that it has been so embedded it remains. 
And I'll be honest I feel it sometimes, even when I am writing to you John,  and all the other wonderful The Soul Agency community, I can talk myself out or talk myself down from sharing something I may be launching or about to offer, like the button inside of me pops and says it is better to not to or to do it in a different way because when you people please it is never about YOU, it is always about you second guessing how to please others...and of course irony or divine joke is you will never fully please anyone until you learn to stop using that has a sabotage whip against yourself.
If you think about this...and perhaps you are in business and find marketing really hard, or avoid it and being seen...what lies underneath it. When you peel layers it is often that you don't want to be seen to be successful as it may displease others around you ... yet the first story isn't always that. 
While I remain a work in progress, and progress is the operative word here, I simply and it is simple, need to be aware, AKA conscious. 
It was a few years ago I got over the fear that in pleasing me, it would mean I displease others as that is the illusion. In pleasing me I am able to please others even more, because when you can give to yourself you can give to others with an open heart and not fear or emotional based lack energy.
(BTW that selfie of me in the pictures above...is after being in a dark, pitch black tunnel in a Buddhist temple which was all about clearing Karma supposedly...it was so dark you had to feel your way to move, work with others in the tunnel and face your fears...a really wonderful experience and the mirror is there for you to see the 'new you' ... so a selfie was a bit of a must, don't you agree?)
I will share more about my trip and my learnings over the next few weeks...and do let me know if it is inspiring you to make change or bring greater awareness into your life!


So now for some really special invitations...

With the more magnificent me that I let birth during my trip in Japan and working with planetary energy and my spirit team, just before I left I had asked in meditation how to support Heart Centered and Conscious Business owners more powerfully. Often the response can take some time as it goes through layers and this time it was immediate, even before I had finished asking the question. I mentioned it to a few people and one of the places was snapped up immediately ...
So let me tell you...

If you are bored, fed up and frustrated with not earning despite believing you are in business or not feeling the courage to leave your job and focus on your business full time, or even bored, fed up and frustrated with what you are doing in your business because it keeps you busy and keeps you dream, your real passion and service always out of reach...then what are you doing about it?
2015...soon to be 2016 and still the same old stories, the same old excuses being played out even if they are dressed up differently, however the energy is saying STOP - step forward and make your claim to your magnificence, not your weakness and defeats.
If you don't believe you are worth it and that the universe will always provide for you when you stop taking action from lack, then isn't it time you did?
If your business is stalling, meandering, not giving you the opportunity to truly serve then it is time ...just like when I was in that dark tunnel in a Japanese Buddhist temple...to get support and change the story.
Please take a look at my latest and most powerful group coaching programme where I bring together deep and powerful spiritual wisdom and knowledge for you to get the outer business results... There is no delay to service, if you think you aren't ready then you are affirming that, if you think you can't afford it then you are affirming that, if you think you have to wait then you are affirming that and while you affirm from lack you stay in that energy...I had to learn this the tough way and sometimes we need to give ourselves tough love to say  - I am willing to draw a line in the sand... are you?
Check out the video below...and click on the banner to be taken to the details of the programme, it starts November 4th...so you have to be quick and if you are already saying NO I am not even clicking let alone joining...because I can't afford it...all the more reason to read the details and let what I have shared inspire you to break your habits and patterns of playing small. 2016 will be an easier year for those who chose to step forward and for those who still play out old paradigm patterns in New Era energy...well you can see how it will be round peg in a square hole.

Spirit often say to me, there is no accident you are born in the time you are with the gifts you have and yet over and over people deny themselves the chance to experience their potential because of doubt, disbelief that they are powerful enough to create a contribution that is worthy and mistrust that abundance truly exists. Like living life as if it is all a mistake and a trick...nothing is farther from the truth. Living potential is a divine birthright, stop denying that gift to yourself and to those you are here to serve.


PS -If you want to have a quick chat about Divine Success Business Coaching - then please hit reply to this email and let me know...we can speak over the weekend or sometime next week...it doesn't matter that you feel fear, we all do, it is whether you let it dictate you to stay small or you use it to motivate you to get over yourself and get on to the magnificence that you are...this is one of the most exciting times to be living in, we are at the cusp of great planetary change however without people AKA me and you stepping forward this change will simply not have the momentum that is required...talking about what you will do in business isn't the same as doing...so if you want to step forward... DO IT...and be the change you speak of and desire to see in the world!!!!!!

**Your second invitation...**

I was interviewed as part of this FR.EE Wealth Summit by Paula Johnson and it starts October 28th...with about 21 speakers...so you get 21 'online workshops/interviews' all about ...30-40 minutes long so you can schedule time in your day to be inspired, to grow and to learn...
If you haven't signed up you are missing out...and if you are struggling financially or still hold patterns and beliefs that you can't really have what you want when it comes to wealth or it is about struggle before wealth, or you aren't worth it or deserving then please please sign up and listen in  - maybe not all the speakers will draw you in however some will and you will receive nuggets of information to inspire you and motivate you to make change and let's be honest we are all seeking that ability to do more, be more and have more...that is true abundance!
Click on the banner, sign up  - it is free and let me know when you start listening who and what has inspired you! 

I said this was an action packed eZine...and finally a blog post that I want you to read...
So much is said about what you think becomes your reality...well then why is it people still think they aren't good enough? Or deserving enough? ...and is it really what you think that creates your reality or is it because you think it you believe it and make it so?
I have written a blog post about this and would love for you to be inspired to think differently...or not at all ...there is an alternative and I share it in the article, take a look by clicking here....

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