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Your Christmas Present is inside!
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15th December 2015
Dear John,
I am flying back to the UK today....not looking forward to the cold, though I am ready for a mince pie or two!!!
The Money Healing Workshop is this Friday and are you joining? Do you want to create a new money story that aligns to the New Era?
(Of course not every can or will - and there are other ways to get to work with me to support the expansion of your money story...and change your business and fulfil the ambitions of your dream....can you imagine living life fully on your terms and having the financial means to do this and at the same time having a business that truly serves, not just thinks about it and hopes one day...? Well unlimit your money story and that is what becomes possible - ignore changing your  money story and yes it will plateau, or start that high and low cycle, and business can become the same, a story of ups and downs...breaking that cycle is in your hands and heart. Isn't it time you deserved unlimited and ever growing abundance?)


Go back to the question: Do you want to create a new money story that aligns to the New Era? What was your first answer (thought or nod of head etc)? What then did you tell yourself, I can't, don't have time, not sure I can afford it...I so want to but.... It is always good to observe what we do because it gives clues to we attract and manifest, or as the case may be why we attract and manifest what we wish we didn't...
Some of you know I am a bit of a spiritual geek, love to get underneath energy to really understand it and over on my blog, I have an article which helps you understand how to get what you want and why you may be getting the exact opposite.
Take a look here...and be conscious to the fact that you are creating in every moment, denial of what you want, what you asked for and then avoiding it and any negativity results in all the stuff you don't wish to happen because it is a 'dropping' of energy and the universe is always obliged without attachment to match what you are putting out...
Be spontaneous - be bold - be courageous and give yourself a gift that will be more than this Christmas and say YES to Money Healing this Friday 18th December, London...get yourself ready for a new money story, a new money vibration and consciousness, dust off those money cobwebs that hold old patterns and habits and raise your wealth consciousness to meet the New Era...!
(If you can't be in London this Friday then why not book a 121 to Make Peace with Money Session, change your money story and you change everything...)
Adventure awaits those who choose it. What are you choosing?


PS Hope you are loving your Christmas Pressies from me - there is something else being created for you  - more on that in a few days, this is the year (2015) to give to ourselves, and I am going to ensure you get resources and support so you can be ahead of the game inn 2016! Please do share the chance to grab the pressies with others by sharing this link: (thank you to all of you, who have already!)
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