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Without you this wouldn't be possible.

Over 2 million copies sold worldwide of a book
that was initially rejected by 30+ publishers.
Just typing that gives me chills because I can still remember those early days when rejection was followed by frustration, doubt and fear. I was crushed. I thought my dream of writing and speaking was dead. But I kept moving forward because I knew God had given me the vision for a reason. (The Energy Bus was written in just 3 1/2 weeks. I believe it was divine inspiration that wrote it.) When it was finally published book stores wouldn’t carry it. We kept moving forward anyways, trusting, showing up and doing the work to spread the word in every way possible. Eventually it began to take off.
I share this because I want to encourage you not to give up on your dreams. It might not come easy but nothing worthwhile ever does. Stay positive. Stay focused and keep moving forward.
I also want to say THANK YOU because without so many of you who have read, shared and supported my work… this wouldn’t be possible. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and each one of you.
What's your favorite Energy Bus story?
How have you used it in your business, school, hospital, team or family?
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