Ten Years After Lehman: Global Day of Action against Business as Usual

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Finance Watch Friends Newsletter - September 2018
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#10yearsOn from the collapse of Lehman:
Take Action TODAY to change finance

The video is also available in French and German on YouTube

What are your plans today?
It has been ten years since the outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis.
It’s time to take action 
...because finance is still not fundamentally transformed. 

...because we are sleepwalking into the next crash. 

...because our governments have been failing to address the root problems of finance. 

And we can’t afford to wait anymore.
Finance Watch has initiated, together with more than 60 organisations, a movement to Change Finance.  Already hundreds of people are planning actions big and small, building up to this mobilisation on the 15th of September 2018. 
Find an action near to you and spread the message!

New Finance Watch report "Ten Years After: Back to Business as Usual"

In its comprehensive analysis of post-crisis regulation, Finance Watch demonstrates that the opportunity for a fundamental realignment of the global financial sector has been missed and that none of the structural vulnerabilities that led to the financial crisis of 2008 have been tackled in a decisive way.

A thorough reform of the institutional governance framework of the 'global financial architecture', long overdue, has not taken place.
'Systemically important' financial institutions have changed little in size and complexity and still pose a major risk to financial stability, with capital requirements only marginally stronger and resolution regimes largely untested.
The nearly limitless release of liquidity into the financial system by the world’s major central banks has re-routed massive flows of capital and created new ‘bubbles’ that threaten to destabilise the system.
Artificially low interest rates, misaligned incentives, risky lending and ‘moral hazard’ have conjured up a worryingly familiar ‘déjà vu’ of soaring debt, high levels of non performing loans and the looming spectre of large-scale defaults when interest rates rise.
With every regulatory step, activities have been allowed to migrate towards the poorly regulated ‘shadow banking’ sector, which has grown in leaps and bounds.
Download the complete Finance Watch report “Ten Years After: Back to Business as Usual. The Pit and the Pendulum – post-crisis financial regulation in Europe” (pdf, 44 pages)

Let's celebrate ;) 

On the occasion of the Lehman collapse ten years ago, we will publish a series of short animations to show in a more humorous way that the opportunity for a fundamental realignment of the global financial sector has been missed.
Here is the first episode on capital requirements, others will follow. Enjoy watching it!

New Finance Watch website
On 13 September 2018, Finance Watch released its new website. We hope you like it! 
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to unsolved interface problems and help us improve it!
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