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Welcome to the best of 2017 edition of Supply Chain Navigator Update.
With each issue of Supply Chain Navigator we strive to bring readers thought-provoking insights and practical guidance you can use to drive innovation and differentiation in your respective supply chain operations.
We recognize, however, that amid the swarm of hundreds of emails you receive daily, you may have missed an article or two. So, for this issue of Supply Chain Navigator Update we have chosen to repost some of the most popular articles and blogs we published throughout 2017. Topics include a range of trending and evergreen supply chain issues including the digitization of supply chains, blockchain technology, the maker movement, supply chain segmentation and sustainability.
Below you will find an excerpt from an all-new One-on-One interview with Cisco's Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, John Kern, as well as links to the full Kern interview and previous executive Q&As with maker movement icon Dale Dougherty, Nokia CPO Johannes Giloth and 3M's supply chain chief Paul Keel.
We hope you take advantage of this chance to catch up on some features you may have missed, or reread some that you particularly enjoyed. As always, please feel free to share with your colleagues via Twitter or LinkedIn. To make sure you don't miss any future postings from Supply Chain Navigator,
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Best of 2017 - Executive Insights
NEW! One-on-One with John Kern
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Cisco Systems, Inc.
SCN: What advice do you have for other supply chain executives who are struggling to inspire greater innovation from their teams?
JK: To achieve breakthrough change, you cannot play it safe. We have to take risks and even if a project doesn't yield the results we may have expected or hoped for, it allows us learn and leads us in the direction of significant breakthroughs.
One of the biggest challenges is getting people to fully embrace change. Many companies say they value and support innovation, but do not put in the right structure that enables experimentation and does not punish failure. Without this, people are not going to trust this different way of thinking, and you are not going to get the results you need to stay relevant.
From a leadership perspective, you cannot manage a team like this in the same way you would manage a traditional portfolio team-with a single-minded focus on return on investment. The priority for these teams must be creating solutions that first and foremost benefit our customers, shareholders and the industry. Your team members must be empowered to pursue those sometimes "off-the-wall" ideas that can lead to truly disruptive innovation.
Dale Dougherty
Founder, Maker Media/Maker Faire
Johannes Giloth
Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Procurement Officer, Nokia
Paul Keel
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, 3M
Best of 2017 - Features & Commentaries
Making in America: Turning
the Tide on Offshoring

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Platitude to Paradigm:
Internal Crowdsourcing

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Soldier On: A Skills
Revolution in Manufacturing

Behavioral Economics:
Where Do Humans Fit In?

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Nike Takes the Leap: A
Study in Disruptive Sourcing

The Point of No Return:
Science-Based Sustainability

Taking the Pulse: Emerging
Role of Sentiment Analysis

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Beyond the Audit: Philips
Boosts Supplier Engagement

Additive Manufacturing:
A Supply Chain Technology

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Risk and Big Data:
IBM Finds the Missing Link

The LIVING Supply Chain:
Ecosystems Lead the Pack

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PUMA and BNP Paribas:
Innovating CSR


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