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16th November 2015
Dear John,
This weekend I was without Internet and with world events unfolding it seems interesting timing - like I was being invited to sit in a different energy. In all honesty I went inwards to my soul as I didn't and still don't want to add to the emotional noise that is going on. Turning to my soul and spirit for guidance and the message was to be gentle and in balance.
On Saturday Michael and I went to visit friends who are Parisian living here in Spain near us, understandably they were shocked and still worried about friends and family and as we spoke we agreed that having fun and spreading our joy together was the way forward. As fundamentally that is who we are and if we let our emotions take over we will be out of balance.
A lot is going on in the world. Paris highlighted so much more that is unfolding. I have said it often we are in a time of great change energetically and each of us is invited to raise our vibration and connect to our soul and spirit's wisdom. That to me doesn't mean turning off media, or blaming others. We are all in this world and that which we seek to see, we must give to ourselves first.
A new era in how we respond and to stop the reaction,
What is it that you wish to see, more love? More peace? People living cooperatively with others? With nature? What is your greatest desire or the part that gives you the greatest pain or anguish because you feel it isn't there in the world and if only it was....?
Then I suggest you find a way to bring that to you and your life. Everything in the outer world is a reflection of our collective inner worlds, we are all creating a reality and in bringing small change to our lives we can change the course of mankind and it can and will become humanity.
Bring yourself more love, cooperate more with yourself, be at peace with who you are and what you do, stop judging it and yourself; be an example shining simply and watch your world change because as you shift, others around you do and the knock on effect is enormous.
Build your community, find common ground with those you see as different for whatever reason, smile with your heart open as then you will be sharing your light. This isn't a time for emotions or sympathy a time for empathy and a time for you to restore balance in your own life, John. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King.

This wasn't my planned email to you John, though it feels the most appropriate - as the energy is shifting - it is time to rise up and meet our magnificent selves and create the legacy of love that we have the potential to create. Don't be afraid, don't let fear consume you, don't let the opinions of others change you. Just be you and shine. 



PS People have been asking me how to support those places in the world that they wish to send energy to, I always send pink  - unconditional  - which means I am not dictating what I think or feel those in the areas I am sending energy to have to do with it...Pink is unconditional love, so it is full of acceptance without judgement and control. I send it and then it is up to those who choose to receive it to use it how they wish. Or they can chose to not accept it.


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