San Bernardino Was Terrorism And The Media Is A Mess. Your Weekly Top Ten.

3 jahre vor

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Hiya, Wonkers! How was your weekend? We're going to
hope it was a lot better than the terrible news this week, but at least we've got each other, right? And we also have some fun
for you! Also, try the BBQ
Shrimp and Grits,
because no one lives forever.

It's time for your weekly Top Ten Stories, chosen by Science, but since it is the War On
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Whew! Now that's out of the way, here are the Top Ten stories of the week past. Consider them your
required reading for the weekend. There will be a quiz.

1. There is a new person at Wonkette, and it is C.A.
Pinkham, and he is writing a column for Wonkette that DOES NOT AT ALL RESEMBLE “Behind Closed Ovens,” a beloved long-running installment
from Jezebel, where he used to work. Click to read it!

2. That time The Daily Beast misidentified a mass shooting suspect and posted the wrong
guy’s home address online. Good times.

3. Our first newsy news update on the San Bernardino terrorist attack/mass shooting. Wonkette
hasn’t had to issue a correction yet.

4. Your editrix Rebecca and her husband Shypixel have been married A WHOLE YEAR NOW, and
they still are being very nice to each other. If you didn’t read the thing she wrote for their anniversary,
read it now!

5. Oh yeah, that OTHER religiously-motivated mass shooting, at the Planned Parenthood. Here’s what
we knew,
when we knew it.

6. An epic tale of how we, Wonkette, got EVEN DUMBER watching cable TV news coverage of the San Bernardino

This does not get its own official number, but Wonkette For Olds, where all the stories are listed out the Old Way, without all
the buttons and the doohickeys and the whatsits, is actually, for technical, the number seven post of the week. What are you old geezers doing over
there? Got an illegal bingo parlor set up or something?

7.  Tim Tebow still refuses to put out.

8. Mississippi says nice white dad died in police custody because he was tripping
balls, ayup, that’s a thing that happens, you betcha.

9. Our initial report on the San Bernardino shootings. Our only speculation was that
we wondered whether guns might have been involved in a shooting.

10. And finally, our second newsy update on the San Bernardino shootings, the one where Fox News was
just SO SURE they were about to say “terror” and “Mooslin!” and “RADICAL ISIS AYEEEEEEEE!” But they didn’t,

there you go, Wonkers. That’s your assigned reading. Make sure you're ready for the pop quiz that will be sent to you in the form of an
anxiety dream about having to take a test in a class you never attended, sometime in the coming week.

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Okay we love you bye!


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