President Obama Knows Americans Aren’t Dumb Enough To E lect Republican President

3 jahre vor

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What's shakin', Wonkers?! Don't you love it when your
president Barry Bamz smirks to himself and throws
at dumb-dumb Republicans? Well he did it again! Click
and enjoy.

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Whew! Now that's out of the way, here are some badass stories to remind you why Wonkette is yr sexxxy

• Fox
 Too bad no one at Planned Parenthood was armed, except all those cops.

• Snot-nosed
 doesn't want to be your wingnut hero no more.

• Ted
 hasn't sticked 17 kids in his wife's babyhole, so stop your whining, Hillary.

• Actual
black people
 messing with Donald Trump's YOOOGE black pastor endorsements.

• Alabama
 boycotting lottery tickets and Big Gulps because Muslims are gross.

• Wisconsin to
15,000 poors: Let them eat bootstraps!

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