Post-Christmas BLOWOUT on 91-rated Camacho

3 jahre vor

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Boxes start at just $49.99!
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Camacho Diploma
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Phew, it's finally over. The big day came and quickly passed. And if watching the
same damn movie all day had you reaching for the sauce, I feel your pain. But now
in the post-Christmas hangover phase, I've got the medicine to get you back on track.
We're gonna press on, and we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest weekend since Bing
Crosby tap-danced with Danny friggin' Kaye. Big, fat, never-before discounts on
Camacho's 91-rated Diploma
are here. You serious, Clark? Dead serious,
and I'm starting the madness at just $49.99 per box - saving you as much as 53%.
If you thought the fire was already burning bright, get ready for another log to get
tossed into the mix. With each box purchased, I'll
include FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.
Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn...the clean, cool chill of the holiday
a-hole in his bathrobe, still at CI, emptying boxes of Camacho into the hands of the
masses. Indeed, I'm reporting for duty at casa de CI, taking one for the team. And
just staring at these Diplomas has me all tingly. Dark Ecuador Habano 2000 wrappers,
firm from head to foot, each smelling divine. Silky to the touch, yet jam-packed with
a well-chosen blend of Honduran and Dominican long-fillers, this is a helluva cigar.
I should know, as I sit here puffing one after another. Clouds of smoke deliver a
full-bodied, full-flavored cornucopia. Intense notes of sweet cocoa, spices,
cedar, pepper, and molasses enter the fray, as the burn remains razor sharp. One
thing is for sure, this one is worth a lot more than my measly buy-in. Do the right
thing, and make my sacrifice worthwhile.
Camacho Diploma boxes start at just $49.99. A whopper of a deal, poised to save you
up to 53%. My work here is done.
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