Perdomo's top-sellers as low as $2.49 apiece

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6 Options - save up to 63%
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Perdomo's Top-Sellers
Bundles as low as $49.99
6 options - 3 blends - rare discount
As I sit here, swirling my beard methodically, sipping a cold brew, and google imaging
ugly holiday sweaters for the company Christmas party, I'm starting to regret this
deal. Perdomo's best-selling blends at a discount? What the hell was I thinking?
Perdomo stuff sells, all day every day. It's one of the only brands that churns more
consistently than the morning butter. But, alas, the damage is done, and my pride
will slowly heal. In the meantime, enjoy up to $20 off bundles of Perdomo's
top-sellers and pay as little as $2.49 apiece.
In the vast portfolio of Perdomo handmades, there ain't a weak link to be found. All
winners, each could arguably be bestowed with an award of some kind. But the real
stars - the brands that fly outta here at a feverish clip - are Slow-Aged,
Fresh-Rolled, and Mistakes. That's what makes pushing the send button so hard.
A bunch of fellas have these on their auto-ship program, and for good reason.
Quality, everyday cigars that can't be beat. And now I'm letting them go for
up to 63% off.
Slow-Aged: Your choice of a chestnut-brown Connecticut natural or a coffee-black
Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro surround four different Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos.
This complex blend results in a deliciously smooth, robust and vivacious flavor with
creaminess and coffee-like notes.
Mistakes: A nice spicy-sweet, robust flavor. Your choice of either a rich Cameroon
wrapper or a jet black Nicaraguan maduro - double-fermented, oily, and super-flavorful.
Fresh-Rolled: Known for their slow burn, slight bite, and bold character.
Perdomo's puros are made of Nicaraguan long leaf fillers and wrappers. Medium-bodied
with a robust and heavy, rich-sweet taste
20 Perdomo cigars as low as $49.99. Should sound like music to your ears. Just
hurry up and do it already, I can't stand looking at this any longer.
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