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1st November 2015
Dear John,
Woooooo Hooooo November is here!

I did my first Halloween party in years last night. I have let myself miss out? 

I went as a fairy with wings and a wand, making people's wishes come true. Nothing ghastly or ghoulish...! Sadly the pictures are so grainy, so next year I will ensure better snaps so you can giggle at my fancy dress attempts.
How about you? Did you dress up? Did you go trick or treating?

Do you remember...your eBook 31 Money Affirmations?

You received this eBook from me either at signing up to be part of The Soul Agency or some other time. I am always really excited about affirmations and using them. I know that the more I deliberately affirm something the greater my energy shifts and expands towards what I desire to happen/achieve/experience or create.

I see affirmations as magic wands...and they really are a spiritual bypass - a short cut to your magnificence. 

I am sure you know 'a little' or a lot about affirmations and I bet you also fall into the camp of  - I mean to use them, and I did a few weeks ago or at the start of the year ...and it just slipped?
Ahem... John!
In my latest video - over on my Facebook page I share how you can use affirmations so THEY really is time to let your soul and spirit be at the heart of all you do.
I was once asked which spiritual tool did I think was the most powerful, for me affirmations and intuition are jointly in the number one position.
Watch the video now...and start the new week with a renewed commitment to stepping forward easily and effortlessly. Click here to be taken to the video!
(As a point of interest for you  - since starting this video series my Facebook page LIKES have gone up by just under .2 % ... given that it has been so static for a long time....this is great for me to see, the energy shifting and changing...just goes to show how when you step forward you start to attract those who are your ideal client more and more...)


PS - A client and a friend shared this image on Facebook. I do not know who created it, however it really struck me today as each one of us is being invited to step forward and in some cases leap into our magnificence, because there is SO VERY much more. If you aren't letting yourself step forward then you are holding yourself back, why would you? The greatest inspiration you have to share is in living the truth you know and in not stepping forward, in saying you know about abundance and then acting out of fear all the time is the reason your money story will stay low vibration. Being out of alignment with what you know and how you act in reality is inauthentic as well as harming you! What leap can you take this week? I am planning on skipping, not leaping however it is all about moving forward will you join me?


We start on Tuesday, are you joining us?
Your chance to be in an inclusive community of heart centered, spiritual workers who are here to make a business that rocks the world and are willing to stand, be seen and simply get on  - the easy way by letting their power shine, soul speak and abundance and service increase. Is that you?
Don't miss out because you let fear rule!!! Join the adventure to success instead!
Click on the banner and find out more!

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