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Welcome to the NPI newsletter from Avnet Abacus, our round up of the latest product and technology innovations to enhance your design. To view full product details and datasheets, click on the product links below.

For more information about any of the new products featured here, contact one of our technical specialists in your local language.

Amphenol LPT series rugged connectors
Bourns CD214 chip rectifier diodes
Amphenol SurLok Plus EMI connectors
Bourns CG0201MLC-05H series ChipGuard® ESD protectors
Bel Stewart Connector USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cable assemblies
Bourns CR-PF series thick film chip resistors
Bel USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors
Bourns PDF241 series long-life potentiometers
Cinch 40GHz 2.92mm adapters for SMA, SMP and SMPM connectors
Bourns PSL series low profile motorised slide potentiometers
Harwin Archer Kontrol board-to-board connectors
Bourns PWR247T-100 series high power resistors
Molex EdgeLock series wire-to-edge card signal connectors
Bourns SF-0603SPxxxM and SF-1206SPxxxM series Time Lag Multilayer SingleFuse™ SMD chip fuses
Molex HarshIO IP67 compact modules for EtherNet/IP
Bourns SF-0603FPxxxM series precision multilayer SingleFuse™ SMD fuses
Molex NeoPress high-speed mezzanine connection system
Bourns SMAJ-Q, SMBJ-Q, SMCJ-Q and SMLJ-Q series TVS diodes
Molex Pico-EZmate series Slim 1.20 mm pitch wire-to-broard connectors
Fox Electronics CABS series 1.2x1.0 mm ceramic SMD crystal
Molex PicoBlade standard cable assemblies
KEMET F863 series X2 metallised polypropylene film capacitors
Molex Squaba 1.80mm-pitch sealed wire-to-wire connector system
KEMET KC-LINK surface mount capacitor
Molex SpeedEdge edge-card and mezzanine connector system
Kingbright KPDA-1806 series SMD-LED
Molex ValuSeal wire-to-wire 4-circuit connector system
Kingstate KDSG28008C-05A series 28x6.25 mm speakers
TE Connectivity 48V bus bar connectors and cable assemblies
Murata DE1 series X1 capacitors
TE Connectivity Flex Grip wire connectors
Murata NFZ03SG_SN series RF noise filters
TE Connectivity high density card edge power connectors
Panasonic ETQ-P3M series power inductors
TE Connectivity M12 Rail X-code connectors
Schaffner RT series common mode chokes
TE Connectivity SSRK & SSRM series Potter & Brumfield solid state relays
Schurter FPBB RAIL slim double-stage single-phase filters
TDK B82453CxAx series 3D transponder coils
TDK B82721K2xUx series EPCOS ring-core chokes
TDK B3230I2656J011 series EPCOS ultra-compact DC-link capacitors
TDK B82806D0060Ax series EPCOS transformers for PoE++
Vishay AEC-Q200 qualified thick film chip resistors
Vishay conductive and hybrid conductive aluminium polymer capacitors
Vishay NSR-HP series noise suppressor resistors
Vishay T34 HI-TMP wet tantalum capacitors
C&K ENC series optical encoders
Bel Power Solutions LDX-B20 series DIN rail mounted buffer modules
C&K NP series sealed industrial push button switches
Bel Power Solutions Melcher™ RCM150 and RCM300 series chassis-mount DC-DC converters
MechaTronix CoolStar series LED coolers
Bel Power Solution ORQB-X3S11BG series 1/4 brick 1300 W regulated bus converters
Omron B3SE tactile switches
Bel Power Solution SPSPFF3 power shelf system
Schurter RTS series reflowable thermal switches
Murata NXF1 series 1W regulated SMT DC-DC converters
TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield SSR, SSRD and SSRT series solid state relays
Murata Power Solutions IRS-Q48 series 1/16th brick DC-DC converters
TE Connectivity SSRK & SSRM series Potter & Brumfield solid state relays
Power Integrations™ InnoSwitch 3-Pro series offline switcher ICs
TE Connectivity LUMAWISE endurance N enhanced base lighting control solution
Murata LBCC2ZZ-1PR-TEMP series fixture-integrated sensors
Molex wide-band cellular flexible antennas
Omron B5W-LD0101-1/2 series compact air quality sensors
Murata Type 1 SC ultra-small modem
Omron EE5002 1M series sensor connector
Panasonic PAN9420 series Wi-Fi modules
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