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Welcome to the NPI newsletter from Avnet Abacus, the monthly round up designed to bring you up to date with the latest product and technology innovations to enhance your design. To view full product details and datasheets, click on the product links below.

For more information about any of the new products featured here, contact one of our technical specialists in your local language.

3M™ 9Q series copper cable assemblies 
Bel Fuse 0ADE series compact fuses
3M™ SlimLine twin axial cable assemblies
Bourns CRT-ST series thin film chip resistors 
Amphenol ICC OCTIS™ I/O connector system
Bourns CRMxxxxA and CRSxxxxA series high power thick film chip resistors
Amphenol ICC VerIO™ connector
Bourns 2003 series gas discharge tube
Amphenol ICC MUSBR rugged USB 3.0 type A connector
Bourns MF-RHT polymer resettable fuses
Amphenol ICC DIN41612 high temperature (HT) connectors
Bourns CDDFN10-3304NA TVS diode array
C&K CCM01 MK5 series smart card connector
EPCOS SIMID 0805-F series SMD inductors from TDK
Hirose ER8 high-speed board-to-board connectors
EPCOS PC200 Series ferrites from TDK
Molex FAKRA RF connectors
Kingstate KPEG305H-54V series high voltage buzzer
Molex  Micro-Lock Plus off-the-shelf (OTS) discrete cable assemblies
Kingstate KDSG3525008P-BOX waterproof micro speaker
Molex ValuSeal wire-to-wire 4-circuit connector system
Murata LQW32FT series power line inductor
Molex high-current universal-clamp terminal blocks
Panasonic TP series aluminium electrolytic capacitors
Molex MUO 2.5 termination connector
Panasonic SEPG series conductive polymer aluminium solid capacitors
TE Connectivity cable assemblies for virtual reality
Panasonic SEK OS-CON™ aluminium polymer capacitors
TE Connectivity SlimSeal miniature connector
PUI Audio HD series microphones
TE Connectivity POWER TRIPLE LOCK PC board headers
PUI Audio Mobile series speakers and receivers
TE Connectivity Nano-Pitch I/O receptacles
Vishay UIPMA and UIPMC industrial potentiometer membrane displacement sensors
TE Connectivity SFP28 and QSFP28 series cable assemblies
Vishay MC HP series thin film chip resistors
TE Connectivity M8/M12 panel mount and PCB connectors
Yageo PA series metal alloy jumper
TE Connectivity CDFP connectors and cage assemblies
Yageo PU series metal current shunt resistor
TE Connectivity TB series BUCHANAN WireMate connector
ALPS SKTQ series middle travel type TACT Switch™
Artesyn CSU800AP 800 watt CRPS power supply
ALPS SCTAxD series laser welding type spring contact
Artesyn AEE15W-M & AEE20W-M series medical DC-DC converters
C&K PNP series sealed push button switches
Artesyn ADQ800 800W quarter brick DC-DC converters
C&K KSU series micro mini surface mount detect switch
Bel Power Solutions 0RQB-C5U54LG series DC-DC converter
C&K KMTO series SMT top actuated tactile switches
Bel Power Solutions LDD240-WU DC-DC DIN rail converter
Omron G3VM series MOSFET Relays
Bel Power Solutions 0RQB-D0W12LG 200 W isolated DC-DC converter
Panasonic LZ-N series 16A relays
Delta DRM-24V960W1PN CliQ M series DIN rail power supply
MEAN WELL MPM/MFM-15/20 medical AC-DC power supplies
MEAN WELL HVGC-480 series wide range constant power LED driver
MEAN WELL HBG-100(p)/160(P)/200 series LED power supply
MEAN WELL HBG-200 circular shape LED power supply
Murata MYBSP series DC-DC converters for PoE+ PD
Murata MYSGK02506BRSR DC-DC Converter
Panasonic Grid-EYE® narrow angle infrared array sensor
Murata MBN52832 BLE module
TE Connectivity MS4 AmbiMate sensor module
Panasonic PAN1026A dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 module
TE Connectivity oxygen level detectors
Panasonic PAN9026 dual-band Wi-Fi module with Bluetooth
TDK CeraCharge™ series rechargeable solid-state SMD battery
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