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Is Christmas your excuse to stop caring about your growth?
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I had such fun with the Golden Week Offer and upping my visibility and creating new videos and content for the blog too.
Many people contacted me to say they really would love to join the Unlock Your Affirmation Code Programme, however this is such a busy time of year...and next year....next year. What a brilliant excuse.
If as Eckart Tolle says, the power is in the NOW and we all know that the past even though many try and live in it, doesn't exist and the future isn't here yet, the only thing we have is NOW. The NOW we make will shift the irksome parts of our past, the hurts, the tragedies and pain and will of course create a future of our dreams becoming reality.
I must have made a pact with spirit as when I delay myself with excuses, however plausible the consequences are severe...so I no longer do it  - I use all my tools of light and consciousness and get on with it...and I make light of it all because I am all about FUN and ECONOMY...expend the least amount of energy for the maximum amount of gain for all - win:wins all around. This was something my teacher in spirit taught at the retreat I went to in Japan.

That is how spirit works, they expend energy for maximum returns, as that is abundance in action.

Something for you to ponder on in your life.
While December, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, is a special month as there is on one side of the hemisphere the shortest day on the other the longest day, it is the last month of the year, there are holidays involved, family and friends time and children off school, presents and food too.
Winter or summer have a common factor energetically  - outcomes - seeing things through to completion. Neither month is about giving up. The plants that wither in Winter have to fully in order for the new growth and in the summer the plants that thrive do or there is a bleak harvest.
Nothing can be abandoned by the seasons. If you can use the energy of the season you are in and align to the gifts that season brings to nature you will be living wisely, efficiently and joyfully and of course abundantly.
Get into the mind and emotions of busy, no  time, no money next year I will start again and you are going against nature, your soul nature and you will not be feeding your soul. It's a choice and the beauty is if you have gotten trapped into the mindset of I can't because you can change choice.

That is the beauty of choice!!!!!

What choice can you UNMAKE that limits you?

Can you do that every day this month?
e.g.s of choices to unmake....

When you make a choice that starts with: I can't because... the energy behind this is low vibrational. When we don't want to do something really we say NO. (It is how I can tell if I am making an excuse because all words have an energy...)
When you say you can wait till next year, or tomorrow...in not putting you first whatever you do is fuelled by sacrifice and you spread that energy. Service starts with you.
When you play small because of fear, this takes conscious awareness...
Why not pop over to my Heart Centered Business owner Facebook group and share a choice you unmade for something far more higher vibration and expansive? (You may have to request to join!)
And of course - why not join the Money Healing Workshop December 18th in London. if it's a no brilliant, if it's a I can't because....what is it that lies underneath that excuse and will you step out of that energy into something more abundant and expansive and if it is a YES, then see you there! (And I before you say I am not in London, geographical barriers are excuses, I recently travelled to Japan for a retreat and have been to Australia for a one day workshop from London, as well as California, Arizona...)
If you want money healing and stronger money flow and the ability to manifest and it isn't happening just yet then you must be willing to do something about it not just keep your fingers crossed. Choice....the theme for December.
Happy Choosing and Happy December.
PS if you really want money healing and can't fly over then here's another choice for you  - so see if you are simply using excuses to stop you changing your money story!
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