Invitations: 1st Change Finance Forum & Webinar on the capital food-chain

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Join this first-of-its-kind forum connecting civil society, academics and citizens for a Global Change Finance Campaign #10YearsAfter the crisis


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Join Micah White, the co-creator of the Occupy Wall Street movement, as he reflects upon the way forward for social movements at our Change Finance Forum.

The Change Finance Forum is bringing together…

A movement of civil society organizations
A network of academics and experts 
A coalition of sustainable business & economy practitioners, as well as foundations
Voices of engaged citizens

… to build a common understanding of…

WHY the financial system was not transformed following the crisis
WHAT needs to change in finance to resolve the current economic, social and environmental imbalances
HOW we measure the current state and the progress towards the changes we need
WHAT coordinated actions should be taken to trigger and sustain transformation

… to prepare the launch of a co-created and joint Global Change Finance Campaign in 2018.    

December 2017
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The Square,
Coudenberg 3,
1000 Brussels
4 December: 14.00-18.30
5 December: 8.30-17.30

#10YearsAfter the biggest financial crisis since the Wall Street Crash of 1929, most experts agree that the financial system has barely changed. In fact, many point to an imminent crash, as generous monetary policies – already used after the dotcom crisis – fed new financial bubbles. These policies, combined with the failure of the G20 to reform the financial system, contributed to a prolonged economic slump and rising inequalities.
But there is some good news: 
World leaders have agreed upon ambitious societal goals such as the Paris Agreement and the broader Sustainable Development Goals. They also recognize that a major challenge to realize these goals is to re-direct large financial flows. 
Populations are giving clear signals that they want fundamental change.
Civil society, academia and sustainable finance practitioners have built capacity… and are ready to create and sustain the broad coalition that they missed in the aftermath of the crisis!
We believe now is the time to get together and reach out for wide audience support! 
The 1st Change Finance Forum promises to be a dynamic and inclusive event. Its remarkable potential stems from the large number of contributing organisations, which include Finance Watch, Oxfam, CNCD- 11.11.11, Occupy Wall Street, Positive Money, SOMO, Public Interest Research Centre (New Delhi), ATTAC, New Economic Foundation, New B, Open Democracy, Greenpeace, Tax Justice Network, Eurodad, Centrale Nationale des Employés (CNE), Fondazione Finanza Etica, Transparency International, Stamp Out Poverty, Secours Catholique – Caritas France, Veblen Institute, WEED, European Federation of Ethical Banks and Alternative Financiers (FEBEA), Lita - among several others.
 Please visit our event page to get more information about speakers and 
 programme of the Change Finance Forum. 
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The capital food-chain: how is capital allocated, by whom and along which criteria?
The challenges facing our society - environmental, social, infrastructure-related... - call for investments, and for a redirection of capital. Policies at the international, regional, national and local levels are being deployed to foster the allocation of capital where it is deemed important. But how is capital monitored? How are choices made, and by whom? 
This 45-minute presentation will take you through the capital allocation process, and help you understand who the key actors are (investment funds, banks, private investors, hedge funds...), what criteria they use to choose to invest (and bet) in one direction or the other, and what societal impact we can expect from these decisions. This accessible and informative session aims to pave the way for organisations and other groups, to explore possibilities to allocate capital in ways that it can meet societal needs. 
You will have the possibility to ask your questions in a 15 minutes Q&A session following the presentation.
Speaker: Aline Fares - Author, public speaker and activist 
Date: 24 November 2017, 1pm-2pm

(If you are from Brussels, you can also come to the Finance Watch office on the 23rd November at 12.30pm for Aline's presentation over lunch.
If you are coming, please let us know so we save you a sandwich.)
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