Inner Journey #265 - Valuing all work

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"We honor life when we work. The type of work is not
important: the fact of work is. All work feeds the soul
if it is honest and done to the best of our abilities
and if it brings joy to others."
-- Matthew Fox

What value do we unconsciously (or consciously) place
on different kinds of work? How do we rank the status
of different jobs? How much more do we value the big-
paying jobs over others?

Just as we need to honour ourselves for doing what
needs to be done, we can equally honour all others who
look after life through their efforts, no matter what
they may be. We can release judgment that assigns more
importance to some occupations than others.

"Now in order that people may be happy in their work,
these three things are needed: They must be fit for it:
they must not do too much of it: and they must have a
sense of success in it -- not a doubtful sense, such as
needs some testimony of others for its confirmation,
but a sure sense, or rather knowledge, that so much
work has been done well, and fruitfully done, whatever
the world may say or think about it."
-- John Ruskin

*** Do you feel an urge or calling in you to
be or do more? Then honour it and open
to more meaning and fulfillment by
exploring your life purpose. Maybe it is time to
do life instead of life doing you!

Start clarifying your life purpose today!

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