Inner Journey #261 - Do you give to get?

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"I have sensed a growing discontent amongst many who
are on their spiritual path. A common theme appears to
be -- 'I have been serving God for so long and have
given up so much and it has been such a struggle --
when am I going to get my reward?’"
-- Wendy Munroe

It's interesting to become aware of how we participate
in the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving. When
we give, do we do so whole-heartedly? Or do we do so
with the ulterior motive of wanting something in

It's not wise to be always looking for a deal. The
universe never short-changes us. We can afford to be
generous. When something of value is given, something
of value must be returned.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put
into giving."
-- Mother Teresa

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