Health Policy Digest for December 1, 2015

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December 1, 2015

Health Insurance CO-OPs Fail

Insurance CO-OPs continue to fail at alarming rates...


How a Simple Little Pill Ended Up Costing 99 Percent More Than Its Ingredients

Pharmaceutical companies are repackaging cheap and readily available ingredients into combination drugs, and charging 99% more than they're worth...


Hillary Clinton Profits From Big Pharma, Big Insurance

The Clinton family business has profited well from the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, writes NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham...


ACA CO-OP Failures Disappoint, Don't Surprise

One of the most ambitious efforts to replicate real-world competition in the Affordable Care Act has proven to be a growing failure...


Jeb Bush's Positive Plan to Reform Medicare

Jeb Bush's Medicare reform contains two proposals -- premium support and Health Savings Accounts...


Back Door Way to Gouging Health Care Consumers

Increasingly, drug makers are asking doctors to bypass local drug stores and submit prescriptions directly to mail-order specialty pharmacies, writes NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick...


Why Do States Expand Medicaid?

A recent report sheds light on why many states have turned down Medicaid expansion funds...


Health Prices Continue to Rise Faster Than Others

Despite a decline in October's Producer Price Index, health care costs are rising...


Why the Obamacare Marketplace is Failing; and Why Congress Should Put it Out of its Misery

Obamacare premiums are skyrocketing because young, healthy individuals are staying away in droves...


Consumer Price Indices -- Medical Prices Rose Three Times Faster Than Other Prices

October's Consumer Price Index (CPI) confirms medical prices continue to spring ahead of prices for other goods and services, writes NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham...


Connected Care: Moving (And Keeping) Patients Out Of Hospitals

One of the greatest frustrations in health care is that technology tends to drive up costs...


Large Insurer May Exit Exchange: The Exchange System is Collapsing Under its Own Weight

Insurers selling exchange plans are suffering adverse selection due to the perverse regulations which make health coverage a bad deal for all but the sickest enrollees...


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