GOP Has Secret Plan To Win The War On Donald Trump

3 jahre vor

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Oh hey Wonkers. Are you hearing all these rumors on
the internets about the GOP having a BROKERED CONVENTION? That's crazy! We decided to Wonksplore
all about it.

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Whew! Now that's out of the way, here are some more stories:

• New
York priest
 stole $1M in church lady donations for his gay S&M master, as one does.

• Syrian
 won't be eatin' Georgia's food stamp lobster and filet mignon steaks.

• Ted
 will eliminate liberals with gay stuff in their butts, for America.

• First
they came
 for Donald Trump, and Ben Carson said "I think you want that other guy."

• Brave
lady's guns
 seized for shooting into crowd. How is that even fair?

• Sheriff
Joe Arpaio
 fixin' to protect Arizona with private army, what could go wrong?

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