Future proofing lighting systems with Bluetooth

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In the latest Engineers' Insight, Alessandro Mastellari explores Bluetooth 5 as a connectivity solution for lighting systems.

Future proofing lighting systems with Bluetooth

The lighting industry is not short of options for digital connectivity. Numerous standards have fought for supremacy, from DALI and DMX to EnOcean and 6LowPAN, and each one has strengths and weaknesses. What the lighting industry needs is a connectivity standard that adapts to change. With Bluetooth 5, that standard has arrived.


Originally conceived as a personal area network (PAN) designed around the mobile phone, Bluetooth has evolved and grown in scope. In the latest Engineers' Insight, Avnet Abacus technical specialist Alessandro Mastellari explores how technical advances and support for mesh networking have turned Bluetooth 5 into the protocol to future proof your lighting installations.


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