First World War photography, aviation video and war quiz!

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July 2014
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CG this month

Honouring the centenary of the First World War with rare photography of life in the trenches, a video on Canada’s fighter and observation pilots and a quiz to test your war knowledge!

Also in this issue:

Food rationing tips

• McMaster University project brings back songs from the First World War

• The story behind “In Flanders Fields

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On the CG Compass blog

• Decoys used to solve turtle murder mystery in Manitoulin Island area
• RCGS CEO John Geiger gives a sneak peak of this year's search for the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition
Photography stamps released from Canada Post
Nine great map quotes
A glimpse at the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania

A decoy turtle on the left and a real blanding’s turtle on the right. (Photo: Jacqueline Litzgus)

Canadian Geographic Photo Trip

"Discovering light, magical landscapes and natural portraits" with Michelle Valberg!

On this three-day photography-focused trip, be inspired by beautiful September skies, snow-capped mountains and scenic beauty in every direction. Join Canadian Geographic Photographer, Michelle Valberg, September 7-10, 2014 for photo-focused trip amidst the towering peaks and alpine meadows of the Bobbie Burns. Those who participate on this once-in-a-lifetime trip will be entered to win a Nikon D3200 HD-SLR Camera Kit!

Learn more and book your place now at CMHSUMMER.COM/PhotoClub


Check out the Canadian Geographic stories making waves on social media this month:

• Royal Canadian Geographical Society proud to announce partnership in the search for the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition
• Shackled elephant rescued
• A campaign to plant 100 poppies in 100 Canadian cities

The CCGS Sir Wilfred Laurier is returning to Canada's Arctic this year to help continue the search for the missing Franklin ships. (Photo: Courtesy Parks Canada)

The Franklin Expedition search

The Franklin Expedition search is back! And this year, it’s bigger than ever before! Canada’s media is buzzing over this summer’s search for the lost ships from Sir John Franklin’s 1845 Expedition. Private and public partners will head to Victoria Strait to look for HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, with more ships and new technology increasing the search area that can be covered and raising hopes the vessels will be found! For all the latest news, visit our Franklin Expedition website.

Photo: Parks Canada

Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Ten Canadian teachers participated in the second annual Classroom Energy Diet Challenge summer institute from July 16-18. During this three-day workshop, these educators helped spread the importance of energy literacy through resource sharing and making improvements for the upcoming 2015 challenge. Visit the CEDC website for updates on the fourth year of the Challenge and to register your classroom.

Photo: Jessica Toczko

Geo Quiz: Franklin Expedition

Are you intrigued by the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Franklin Expedition ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror? A new search begins this August for the lost ships and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic will be there to cover all the action!

If you think you’re a Franklin Expedition expert, test yourself this month’s Geo Quiz. And for all the latest news, visit the Franklin Expedition website.

What’s This?

One hint: it’s from the First World War. Another hint: Battle of Ypres. If you think you know what this object is, enter your guess and you could win a copy of Canadian Geographic’s Canada's Parks 2014 special issue!

Canadian Geographic Poll

What do you think the Franklin Expedition’s most significant contribution is to Canada? Have your say by participating in our poll!

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