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28th October 2015
Dear John,
This is a really quick email because I wanted to you to watch this video training I did on How to Visualise Success...there is a secret to it.
How often do you visualise success?
And how often do you visualise and project things not working as you desire?
Most people spend more time projecting stress, worry, things not working or being difficult to work and then when it comes true they feel disappointed. I know I used to and it took a huge light bulb moment to realise and remember that I was creating it all. Every last bit of it! I needed to change what I visualising, and therefore projecting out to be magnetized back into my life.
That sense of feeling stuck in a job I really didn't want...I held on to it for so much longer than I needed to as I was so stuck in spending my time visualising about that job. 
Same thing when I started out in business and was freaking out about how I would ever earn enough, I spent so long visualising the worst case scenarios, of course...you guessed it I made them happen.
I share everything over on my latest blog post  - please check it out and watch the video.
In my latest programme, Divine Success Coaching Programme, which starts on November 4th - there is only room for 6 people so I know not everyone is going to get the opportunity to join - and benefit from raising their spiritual bar and making their soul the heart of their business and their guide for success.
...and for some the idea of spending money on themselves is way too scary...I remember that feeling too, it didn't serve me and took a decision of courage to make the shift as it was getting boring feeling the same sense of dissatisfaction and frustration with my life and business...and all the time I was projecting that low vibe stuff out and getting more of it. I changed what I visualised and backed it up with action. Had a few sleepless nights, still do sometimes, thinking OH MY...am I really doing X,Y and Z....can I...will I be OK...and of course I use my intuition, soul wisdom, spirit team and inner power to make it all awesome.  So please take advantage of the f.ree (and no sign up needed - you are already a The Soul Agency community member, so why sign up again, hey?) training on How to Visualise Success. 

Don't let yourself get caught up in the fact that you don't deserve, aren't ready... we are all equally ready for success at all times. We are all able to step forward together. It is a choice.

Click here to go watch the video now......

Don't forget...

There are still some places left...on...Divine Success Business Coaching Is one of them yours ... are you going to join and follow that golden thread to your magnificence or are you going to find an excuse?? It is all a choice!

The Heart Centered Business 2016 beyond will be the business of the spiritual warrior who listens to her/his heart, rises above her/his fear and shines her/his light willingly, ambitiously and without apology and trusts implicitly and unwaveringly in the truth that everything will always be well and safe.

Click on the banner to find out more and sign up right away! 


PS - Remember as a heart centered and conscious business owner - your archetype isn't to run away from spiritual tools and practice and stay in your head and emotions, it is to let your soul lead the way to your spirit and your greatness. It is a calling that you can chose to claim, or avoid!




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