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In this week's Engineers' Insight, Adam Chidley takes a look at low power WANs and why they will be essential connectivity in the IoT.

Choosing the right wireless technology for your IoT end-device

Wireless technology is endemic in modern society; broadly speaking we rely on cellular technology to stay connected when we’re travelling, and probably WiFi when we’re not. Both offer bandwidths that are high enough to be considered broadband, giving us untethered and virtually unrestricted access to all of our essential content, whether for work or relaxation.


In the IoT, cellular and broadband do, of course, play a role but for many of the ‘things’ in the IoT, adding broadband would be an unnecessary expense in terms of power and cost. So what are the alternatives? In this week's Engineers' Insight Adam Chidley takes a look at low power WANs and why they will be essential to connecting devices in the IoT.


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CMWX1ZZABZ-078 dual-mode LPWAN module



Webinar: Designing LoRa and Sigfox nodes



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