Education Policy Digest for December 4, 2015

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December 4, 2015

Early Learning Can Have Negative Effects

It is unwise to place fragile at-risk children in government pre-K programs that can further impact them negatively...


Dismal NAEP Score Trend

Our K-12 school system outcomes are predictably stuck at dismal, writes John Merrifield.


Students Could be Taught to Analyze Primary Sources

Perhaps rather than relying on textbooks, students should be taught to analyze and interpret the primary sources for themselves...


The Collapse of Common Core

States that have adopted and implemented the Common Core standards are downgrading their participation or withdrawing from national tests designed around those standards...


The Unacknowledged Lesson from the Current Testing Controversies

High stakes testing is one of many problematic, inherent characteristics of political control of what instructional approaches are produced, how they are produced, by whom, where, and for whom...


Virtual Charter Schools Show Disappointing Results

A recently published study sought to answer whether e-schools are a good option for those who need either a highly flexible study schedule or those who want options to the traditional public school...


The New SAT -- Bringing All of Education into Alignment

A newly revised SAT will launch in March 2016, writes NCPA Research Associate Stevi Knight...


Pell Grants and Prisoners

Correctional education and vocational training programs have been shown to save money over the long term by reducing recidivism, writes Hannah Norman, Research Associate for the National Center for Policy Analysis...


An Education Freedom Index Calculator: An Important Measure of Central Control

We can now measure centralization (political vs. market control) of school system policymaking. Visits to the website will help us research the importance of market control, writes John Merrifield...


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