Economic Policy Digest for December 2, 2015

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December 2, 2015

In the Minimum Wage Debate, There Is Still No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

The city of Tacoma, Washington will soon vote on competing ballot initiatives to boost their minimum wage...


The Fed Is Holding Rates Down for All the Wrong Reasons

David Ranson, President and Director of Research at HCWE Worldwide Economics, explains that the Fed wrongly sees itself as the manager of the U.S. economy and promotes uncertainty in the market by not offering clear guidance on interest rate policy...


Philosophers versus Welders

Marco Rubio got pummeled by the leftwing media for his comments regarding philosophers and welders after Tuesday night's Republican debate...


Politics and Investment Options Don't Mix

The Department of Labor now wants pension fund managers to put more consideration into socially conscious factors...


Tobacco: Top User of Agriculture Guest Worker (H-2A) Visa Program

The number of H-2A visa holders in agriculture has risen nearly 35% in the past decade...


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