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28th November 2015
Dear John,
Some scientists in the 1970's noticed that when 'enough' monkeys that they were observing learned a new task, by some natural phenomenon the 'new task' spread among the monkey population even travelling across seas!
How can that be possible when the monkey's didn't travel?
For me it is all about their grid of consciousness. When enough shift, it becomes the norm.
You need pioneers, the fearless warriors, the adventurers and the leaders to step forward and lead the way.
Some will then follow by example.
Even more will find that the way that they have been operating no longer works and everyone else is doing it differently so they may as well.
A small minority will rebel against evolution, change and growth because they are entrenched in fear.
Where do you see yourself John?

The New Era is all about the shift in energy around the planet and the potential for those attached to mass consciousness which is primarily fear based, duality based and conditional to universal consciousness - the domain of spirit and essence. Where it becomes, I think and therefore I am!
It is a wonderful opportunity each of us has in our lives and we must make a choice. We step forward or we don't.
We talk about it and wait for others to lead the way and then maybe follow.
We pioneer in our lives and lead by example.
Or wait till the struggle we are choosing becomes intolerable.
Stark contrasts?

To pioneer, lead, be the inspiration to others isn't about healing all the lifetimes of why this hasn't been possible, it is simply about accepting this is yet another opportunity and then stepping into it to claim your power.
Will you John? Will you give yourself 5 minutes to check out The Unlock Your Affirmation Programme and claim your place at the discounted price, (more than 50% off) or will you wait till others step forward and follow. It is a choice.




PS John if you missed the video I made the other day on Whether Money Affirmations Work - check it out here and it will give you a flavour of the true power of affirmations and how to make them work!
PPS due to someone sharing this The Unlock Your Affirmation Code programme to their community and me having agreed to give 40% of all their sales to a charity in Uganda supporting the education of two girls, this offer will be extended till Sunday, I will however turn it off and it will disappear for ever...and return at the full price, so if you are on the fence, or mean to take this offer up, do it right if you email me after to say I forgot - it will be a case of tough love! The universe supports those who act in light of their greatness!




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