Daily Policy Digest for December 9, 2015

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December 9, 2015

Defining Meaningful Tax Reform

There are two opposing standards of tax equity -- one based on the accretion standard for measuring income, the other based on the consumption standard, says David Tuerck and James Angelini of Beacon Hill Institute... Continue Reading


The Sad Truth About Why College Degrees Have Become More Valuable

Students now need to spend big bucks on higher education to get them just past where they could have been with high school effectiveness at the "Nation at Risk" level of the early 1980's... Continue Reading


New EPA Employee Bonuses Spark OIG Investigation

In a November 30th investigative report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the OIG hotline received an anonymous call stating a new EPA Director of Finance requested a $250,000 reimbursement of relocation costs... Continue Reading


The Come Back of the One-Room Schoolhouse

The range of exciting school options continues to expand.oddly enough, in Texas where school choice legislation has been thwarted by those who oppose competition to government run schools... Continue Reading


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