Daily Policy Digest for December 2, 2015

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December 2, 2015

Broad Coalition Calls for Congress Not To Hand Health Insurers' Losses To Taxpayers

Two years ago, NCPA identified Obamacare's "risk corridors" as a vehicle through which the Administration would expose taxpayers to unlimited liability for insurers' losses in Obamacare... Continue Reading


Common Core Ally Breaks Ranks

The backlash against Common Core has grown steadily since states first implemented the initiative... Continue Reading


Prostate Cancer Screening: Can the Government Get It Right?

Doctors who order too many PSA tests will have their Medicare payments cut... Continue Reading


Steve Kates Explains the International Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Part Two

Economics Professor Steve Kates from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia cautions against government intervention in the market, arguing that a free-market can only prevent another recession if it is allowed to correct itself...
Continue Reading


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