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From the Trump administration’s June decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement to David Wallace-Wells’ viral piece for New York Magazine, climate change has resurfaced as a hot-button issue this summer—but the conversation isn’t a new one. Our new eBook The Climate Wars brings together our best pieces on climate science and policy from the 1970s to the present, and you can get it for free when you join us as a subscriber.
Our magazine is one of the few places where experts from across the political spectrum can share widely differing opinions side by side. Work like ours is made possible by our subscribers: critical thinkers like you who like to arrive at their own informed opinions about the issues that shape our world. Sign up today at your VIP rate of 83% off to join our Foreign Affairs community.
The Foreign Affairs Team

The Cost of Combating Global Warming

Thomas C. Schelling

Society, Science and Climate Change [Excerpt]

William W. Kellogg and Robert Schware

The Geopolitics of the Paris Talks

The Web of Alliances Behind the Climate Deal
Nick Mabey

How Big Business Can Save the Climate

Multinational Corporations Can Succeed Where Governments Have Failed
Jerry Patchell and Roger Hayter

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