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A. Turrent Box Blowout
...Priced at Cost or Less
There comes a time in everyone's life when you must
part ways with that roommate you've had for so many years. Well, A. Turrent is our
roommate, and we've been housing these cigars for a half-decade... rent free I might
add. So, I've gotten the green-light to off-load these excessively-aged treats for
prices that are unthinkable. I wish I could post a picture of our invoices for these
babies, because I am offering up full boxes of A. Turrent for
BELOW COST! I am literally, hand-to-God,
losing money on these boxes. Choose from 3 different blends and enjoy 21-count
boxes of A. Turrent from $39.99 - $49.99. Plus, for being such a wonderful
customer, I'm adding a FREE $20 CI Gift Card to
every purchase.
A. Turrent Tradicional: Medium-bodied and packed with flavor, this dark, sultry
San Andres maduro-wrapped gem is packed with a hearty, all-Criollo core of
long-fillers. Enjoy notes of chocolate, caramel, and a hints of roasted nuts
with every smoke-filled puff.
A. Turrent Classico: Each cigar is crafted utilizing a golden Sumatra wrapper,
and a feisty blend of 4-year old San Andres long-fillers. A unique balance of
semi-sweet nuances and a bold, rich bouquet of flavors coat the palate. Expect
notes of earth, molasses, and leather delivered in medium to full-bodied fashion.
A. Turrent Reserva de le Casa: Utilizing a complex core of predominantly
10-year old long-fillers, each morsel is graced with a gorgeous San Andres maduro
wrapper. Bold yet highly refined, bask in concentrated notes of cocoa, espresso,
earth, and sweetness.
Enormous savings +
Free $20 CI Gift Card.
Two great gifts just in time for the holiday.
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