Bears 'Discussing' Ex-Broncos RB -- Forte, Royal Injury Updates -- Langford Ready to 'Step Up Big'

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Chicago Bears Edition

Full Bears Midseason Awards
Bleacher Report

Report: Bears 'Discussing' Ex-Broncos RB Ball
Bleacher Report

Fox: Forte, Royal Injuries Unlikely Season-Ending

Langford Knows He Must 'Step Up Big' with Forte Dinged

Cutler Puts Bears in No-Lose Situation Moving Forward

Bleacher Report's Midseason NFL Awards
Bleacher Report

Bears Might Have More Building Blocks Than First Thought
Chicago Football

Houston: 'If I Don't Play Here, I'll Play Somewhere Else'

4th-Down Gamble Paid Off Before It All Fell Apart

Secondary Gets 1st Takeaway but Exposed as Major Weakness

Team-by-Team Grades for Week 8
Bleacher Report

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