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21st November 2015
What the New Era is really all about! (Plus find out how you can get one of my most successful programmes for less than 50% of its regular price)
People have been talking about the 'old paradigm' and New Era for many many years now...and finally the planet is about to step into New Energy.
By new energy, the frequency of energy available to each of us is changing. That doesn't mean everyone will step into it or receive it just because, it requires that each of us steps forward in our lives.
Old Paradigm energy served us and now simply the old way is being invited to be replaced with something different. Something that is far more aligned to source, the divine and spirit.
It remains an opportunity and an invitation and the last time this came about was around 2.5 thousand years ago. 
What happens next?
Well that is up to each of us.
One of my teachers in spirit is very clear with me, I have till the end of the year to step forward in areas I am holding onto inadequacies and letting my personality stay in control.
Sometimes it blows my mind because I tell myself I have stepped forward and at other times I get so judgemental of myself for failing to step forward - an old paradigm pattern...can you see it?

The truth is if we hold on to old patterns we WILL reject the New Era and the energy that it offers will not be available to us.
If we play out the same old habits that keep us small, we will be living in the past in the old paradigm, clinging onto the old way and the new way will not open up for us.
If we stop to lick wounds of rejection, of emotions, of judgements and fear and where we believe we failed; we are saying we must only create from that space and heal and will stay stuck and aren't ready for the new energy.

These are all choices. That is what mass consciousness has forgotten. Everything is a choice. It isn't a default or the way it has to be because our external life is so, it is a choice.
Each of us has access to the same abundance in the universe.
Each of us has infinite power.
Each of us has the ability to manifest all that we desire.
Why do some choose to continue to not believe this?
The New Era offers each of us a time for a new beginning. A new way of being.
John will you be amongst the pioneers leading this way or be amongst those who are clinging on to the past and being on an emotional roller coaster of life? Clinging on to the past means that you keep going over the same old ground, the why, the let me go back to that step ...back? Why? Stepping forward is simply about stepping forward. You either do it or you don't and however it is dressed up as review or clarification, a step backwards is just that. Backwards!
It's a choice.
Since I started in business this has been part of what I was being called to be part of. Back in the early days I had no idea, I just called it Heaven on Earth. I knew we could create heaven on earth, I didn't believe in heaven only on death.
I wrote about it extensively starting around 2006...sometimes I thought I was bonkers and now I realise I was tapping into the fact that come 2016 everything is changing and if you want your life to be aligned to divine energies it is time to make that choice.
Will you join me on the adventure to this new beginning?
Will you drop an old habit this weekend for a new one?
Will you do something different, respond differently, believe in magnificence, power and abundance for evermore? Or will you say you will and then slip back into the old way. It feels easy to mean to do something and then do nothing, yet the divine joke is such that when you change patterns and habits you invite more into your life in ways that go beyond your dreams.
This weekend is a turning point, if you choose it to be. This weekend can be the beginning of the story where you triumph forever more. Ready?




PS I know many of you aren't into investing in yourself, licking wounds from a previous time when you believe it didn't work, or feeling like you can't make a change because you tell yourself you are in such deep poop and don't trust yourself, well these are stories from old. I can drum up plenty from my life, however I choose to not do that, as it doesn't serve me stepping forward. The New Era is about writing a new story. It's a choice and my service to you is to say - just do it - do what it takes, as Susan Jeffers said - Feel the Fear and do it anyway as a feeling is an illusion and when you move through it you will get to the joy as behind every illusion is joy  - once we let the illusion go that is...!

If you've hung out with me for a while you know I am a rule breaker.
A rule breaker because I don't do limitations. I break my own rules, AKA conditions the most and like to shake up the ways people are limiting themselves. What is the point of staying the same when the energy is different?
I am this year shunning BLACK FRIDAY and have instead created a Golden Week Deal  - it starts today officially and is my Unlock Your Affirmation Programme at less than 50% of its regular price.
Click on the image below...this is your change to change your paradigm at the fraction of the regular price and it is important to make a change if you want to experience the New your New Era too.
(it's 21 day programme delivered to you by email  - so you do a lesson each day that transforms your spiritual power, how you use affirmations and how you create, magnetise and manifest all that you want in your life!)

Why not double your benefit and join the Money Workshop 2015...there are still spaces on the image below. I know many are currently experiencing a slowing down in money flow and feeling a great fear about the future - this is the time to write it not be held back by illusions. Join us on December 18th!
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