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Look in the mirror & try and do your best serious face - you will laugh and laugh...I did!
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10th December 2015
Dear John, this is for you, because I care about you. I care about the world and where we are heading as mass consciousness and how the opportunity to step into universal consciousness is in front of us.
I have spent years creating and perfecting the spiritual tools to let abundance flow effortlessly into your (yes YOUR) life. 
This was out of necessity and because it is part of my purpose and service to myself and to you John.

Let me ask you this...

Do you get everything you ask for or better John, or do you let your energy drop so you attract what you really didn't want? (I have a video to show you how to change your energy...easily and effectively)

How many times have you really or metaphorically thrown your arms in the air and said, why? This is not what I expected or wanted?
Every negative thought or worry you have is treated exactly the same as the one where you are positively asking for what you want. The universe has no attachment it simply does its job without judgement or emotion. It simply says, ah you want that, have it.

This is what happens when people are struggling with money and their business. A cycle of worry, negative thoughts, blame, fear...and of course that gets you more and more. Action isn't bold and the belief is that it isn't going to work anyway.

I know this because over the years I have fallen into that pit of  - nothing is working. I can't make this work. Nothing will change. It's so and so's fault, I should have known better etc. etc.
Of course nothing did change until I did. I had to change my frequency AKA vibration. So many of you tell me you don't know how to, so I have created a video to share how you can change your money (and general) frequency AKA vibration easily and effectively.
This is why I have created the Money workshop in London on December 18th too, the tools, processes and insights I share have worked with 1000's of women (and some men) to change their money stories. This is why I share all that I do with such excitement. 
The Money Healing Workshop is a real gem of a workshop, low cost and focussed on your transformation. You have to be willing to step forward for change as it isn't going to happen by osmosis or fingers crossed. It will be happening in just over a week. 
Of course you can book your 121 Make Peace with Money session in if London is a no go for you next week. 
Do something now to change your pattern and elevate your frequency to align with abundance. Let's do it together.
Click on the banner, book your place, get to London next week and change your money story. Simple.



PS - See you on the 18th of December, don't let anything stop you if you are to be there. A bit of knee knocking isn't a bad thing!
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