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27th October 2015
Dear John,
I am still in London and the Sun is shining, the sky is blue and Spain is rain and thunder, with some lightening. So I am not yet in a hurry to go back...just loving the London vibe since coming home from my retreat.
I have started a new video series and wanted to let you in to this video which is just under 8 minutes long, (2 seconds under !!!!) I discuss the topic of intuition...and whether the gut or the heart is the way to go. You can probably guess what the answer is, however in the video I share why and how you can begin to move from the gut, which is old paradigm to the heart, which is New Era. 
In listening to your heart, which is often illogical, well it isn't the mind, who likes it all linear, it is your soul who knows truth and only has your best magnificent interest at heart.
While I have been sharing about the heart for a while now, in my recent trip to Japan this became so embedded for me as a New Era Truth. Listening to your heart isn't an optional extra, especially if you see yourself as Heart Centered! How can your gut lead you when the New Era is all about the Heart?


Watch the video now, over on my Facebook page...

Don't have a Facebook account yet...well the video will soon be on my blog so do look out for it over at

Don't forget...
We start one week today...Divine Success Business Coaching learn how to take away the pain from business and transform it in joy because of who you are and not what you do. You are a powerful being of light, a spiritual worker and the time to have business success is NOW. Make the shift in your business and with how you do business NOW in 2015 and the seeds will bloom in the New Era and your opportunities for service will be unlimited. 
If you refuse to plant those seeds because you are still making decisions from lack or fear or wanting to repeat the old patterns and habits, waiting and almost forcing them to give you the results that you yearn for, you will be shutting the door to the New Era and saying I believe in the illusion of struggle, of not being good enough, of doubt and a lack of trust. Isn't it time to make the change and remember and reconnect to your magnificence. Saying YES is the start and joining this adventure is your next step...
It is a choice, which you make at all times. I make it too. I can chose to think and feel it is all impossible or possible...and I can feel the fear, thank it and move forward as my heart leads or let the fear guide me.

The Heart Centered Business 2016 beyond will be the business of the spiritual warrior who listens to her/his heart, rises above her/his fear and shines her/his light willingly, ambitiously and without apology and trusts implicitly and unwaveringly in the truth that everything will always be well and safe.

You are called, we wouldn't be connected otherwise John; question is will you step forward or will you stand back and wait and say I can't, no time, not yet, too soon, too much else on, waiting for the money...etc...etc...all just excuses that serve you to stay small.
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PS - I know a few of you are sitting on the fence with this Divine Success Business Coaching - then let's talk ASAP because sitting on a fence looking at where you want to be is pointless. You either want to unleash your spiritual power so you can have it all and be all that you are here to be in this life, or not.


Click on the banner, sign up for this FREE Wealth starts tomorrow and has a really brilliant line up of speakers, including yours truly  - it is free and let me know when you start listening who and what has inspired you! 


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