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Your Christmas Present is inside!
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Dear John,
Today is Sunday and I woke up thinking it was Monday and was ready for my first Skype call at 8.30am…I haven’t decided if that makes me eager or bonkers…? Probably both, though I love what I do so I am not surprised…and was looking forward to my 8.30am call, which is in fact still on Monday lol!
Below you will see an email if you missed it please please read it and grab your Christmas Present from me and start using it.
If you have already got your Christmas present – would love for you to invite others to grab their own too – here is the link you can share with others: http://thesoulagentblog.com/get-2015-christmas-present-soul-agency/
I know this is bold, I want to give this present to 5000 people plus. I want to create a community of like minded souls who support each other and share with each other and aren’t afraid to stand out successfully with their bold and audacious plans.
I am asking for help with this from you John. Will you help me?
It’s a trap to short change yourself because then you miss out and the world misses out on you.
If you are at the stage of business and life where you think, enough of giving it away and enough of struggle then congratulations!
All it takes is a decision to be successful. Doesn’t matter what the story has been up until this decision is made, because once you make this decision life becomes wonderful and fun. Business soars, things that you thought impossible or improbable suddenly become the norm.
The energy at the moment is intense. People are saying how it used to work isn’t working for them anymore. Of course it won’t, we are stepping into the New Era.
Since 2008 when I first held my Heaven on Earth event, where 101 people came from all over the world and I had been so ill that year, creating this event from my bed as I couldn’t work and standing was sometimes impossible; since that time I was given insights from spirit into the New Era and now, it is virtually upon us. I am rather excited and curious about the next phase for each of us.
The opportunities are immense and awesome.
Take them as you find them because I know you will excel more than you thought possible when you do.
Play it out the old way and you get a whole lot more of what you didn’t want.
Time to give that game up.
Today I renewed with my mentor. I wondered about it for a day. Thinking shall I leave it for now and see what happens. I could have said yes, and told myself it was time to chill out and play and take opposing action to where I want to be by pretending everything will happen by magic and by me saying NO.
Of course I didn’t indulge that part of me, because I know action is key. Stepping forward is about saying, OK my emotions are telling me not to do this, I don’t have time, I am tired, I am worried about money, I am not sure about what I want to do or if it will work and whether I am good enough, deserving enough and blah blah blah blah – that chatter is always present, it is whether you can believe you are worth so much more and that you deserve to carry on stepping forward that will make the difference. In fact it is part of your purpose and service to you, only then will you truly be living in alignment with your soul...!
Do you John know you are worth it beyond measure?
Will you step forward and join me on December 18th, this Friday in London to heal your money story and shift your money consciousness?
Or will you book yourself a Make Peace with Money 121 instead?
Or will you simply wait and see…
Which option gets you to where you want to be quickest?
Over to you… enjoy your Sunday, mine feels like a bonus after me thinking it was Monday and I am about to go and enjoy some Flamenco.
Love ,
11th December 2015
Dear John, 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! I met with Santa yesterday, well a stuffed toy version anyway...and couldn't resist my photo being taken...!
Today I want to give you my Christmas Present that I have created for you. Yes, I know it is early and no, I don't want you to wait till Christmas Day to open it...'unwrap' and use immediately...! I am...!
Thank you for being you and part of The Soul Agency Community, I feel like I am in amazing company with you John.
Enjoy your transformation and find your Christmas Present here...I am not saying much more about it as there has to be some element of surprise with presents don't you agree? He!He!He!


PS - This time next week you could be at the Money Healing Workshop 2015, have you booked yet?
PPS if you can't be in London next week then why not book a 121 to Make Peace with Money Session, you deserve the money story of your dreams and NOW not some random time in t he future!
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