A better way to snap between apps on Android

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Conversation hijacking attacks | Salted Hash Ep 38

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Computerworld Enterprise Apps

Aug 07, 2018

A better way to snap between apps on Android

Ergonomic efficiency can be yours with this easy-to-implement Android power-up.
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Conversation hijacking attacks | Salted Hash Ep 38

White Paper: Magenic

Blockchain Technology That's Ready to Roll

Blockchain is dominating digital transformation conversations within financial services and other sectors seeking to overhaul high-inertia/high-cost processes. However, there is a significant gap in what it's capable of becoming an what's possible now.
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Conversation hijacking attacks | Salted Hash Ep 38

Troy Gill, manager of security research at AppRiver, explains conversation hijacking attacks, or CHAs, with host Steve Ragan, including who is typically targeted and how to prevent them.
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