50 Days Until X Games Minneapolis!

5 Monate vor

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10 Reasons to not miss X Games Minneapolis!
You’ll see the sickest tricks by more than 250 of the world’s best action sports athletes!
Check out U.S. Bank Stadium, host of this year’s Super Bowl and next year’s Final Four.
Tickets start at just $20!
It’ll be a weekend of fun for the whole family!
Join in bullying prevention with X Games Shred Hate, no one likes a bully!
Thursday, July 19: X Games’ opening day with BMX and Skateboard Vert finals – FREE with gates at 6 pm.
Meet Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel in X Fest!
See Stillwater’s own Nicole Hause go against the best female park skaters in the world.
Hear EDM Superstar Kaskade on the X Games Geico Music Stage at The Armory on July 20th.
Get your commemorative 2018 X Games skatedeck, designed by Minneapolis artist Sam Morrow.

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